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Are These Critical Areas Affecting Your Operations?

triangleStrategic business plan does not exist or company is not performing against expectations of your existing plan.

triangle Business processes are inefficient and not effective enough to meet your needs; management systems are not driving continuous improvement through your organization; manufacturing costs are too high.

triangle High injury rate; high workman's compensation costs; unacceptable number of incidents or near-misses; unprepared to handle emergencies; how to prepare for severe weather incidents.

triangle Internal communication processes are ineffective; training and employee development needs have not been defined; the use of teams does not exist or is not effective; an effective performance management system is needed.


Mike Templeton Will Speak Out on Issues Facing Manufacturing
Mike Speaks OutMike Templeton provides a fresh "hands-on" approach to known problems as well as identifying new hidden-value opportunities for improvement to manufacturers and manufactruing service providers. He works together with management and their employesss to find answers that will generate tangible results and value for the client.
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Templeton Gets High Reviews from Manufacturing Industry

Mike Templeton is an experienced senior level manufacturing leader, both domestically and internationally. His depth of experience in all aspects of operations and leadership were extremely helpful in assisting the St. Johns River Water Management District to restructure the Water Resources Division, develop new project management operating systems and switch to a focus of accountability and results. Mike has a passion for all facets of safety from leadership to specific programs. He has a proven track record of dramatically reducing accidents and incidents resulting in lower costs, higher efficiency and increased morale. At The St. Johns River Water Management District he brought an awareness of the need for an inclusive safety management system that resulted in the hiring of a full time Safety Director.
George Robbins
Chair Vistage Florida
Former Board Member
St. Johns River Water Management District

Mike Templeton is a proven leader in the field of occupational safety with demonstrated successes in employee engagement and safety process improvement programs leading to a significant reduction in on-the-job injuries in a manufacturing setting. Importantly, his high performance was maintained over time.
Mike Wimberly
CEO, Florachem

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